Dr. Pramod Bhangale

Born hard worker, soft pure at heart is basically hard core devoted passionate Doctor, Who can extend a helping hand to even a unknown without any expectation in reciprocation. He is always away from the glamour, propaganda and bossism. He is passionately working for patients since 40 years.

Dr. Pramod Bhangale passed his MBBS & Master Degree (M.D. – Gynae & Obstetrics) in 1980 from B.J. Medical college pune. He joined Dr. C.T. Shah, Well known doctor in 1980. Dr Shah had own 60 bedded hospital in that era, it was only hospital where all patients of medicine, Orthopedics, Surgical, Gynac, Obstetrics, Pediatrics & critical illness were admitted & treated.

Doctor started working as gynecologist and Obstetrician in 1980. Later on started working with Dr. C. T. Shah in all facilities. He is having great experience in medicine, poising & Snake bite cases & critical care along with his own facility.

Since then his knowledge, dedication and patience to treat patients have added and adding life to the families of many.

After sad demise of Dr. C.T. Shah, I started my own hospital as Bhangale’s Clinic & Nursing Home in 1993. Since then, I treated N numbers of medicine patients & also did thousands of Surgeries like L.S.C.S. and Hysterectomy.

My Vision is universal access to affordable, advanced medical facilities to all with sincerity and compassion.
My Mission is to give best services according to health needs of society along with safety of the patients and their families.